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Conservice is quickly becoming the industry leader in utility billing and management. Though the primary Conservice client base consists of apartment communities, we also serve HOA communities, military housing, student housing, single housing, and commercial properties.

Here is a summary of the Conservice suite of solutions:

BILLING - Conservice provides timely and accurate utility billing statements that can include utilities, rent and ancillary charges on one convenient monthly bill. Let Conservice collect for you or choose to collect in house. Full-service online solutions are available to property managers and residents for ease and convenience. Customer service representatives are available to answer all resident questions.

CONSTRUCT – Conservice provides expert sub-meter installation that allows property managers and residents to monitor their utility usage online. Conservice can also retrofit existing meters to meet the needs and budgets of clients.

SyNERGY – Bill payment and processing services take the burden of accounts payable out of the leasing office or accounting department's hands. Expense information is audited and digitized and then made available to clients to view online. Conservice also identifies vacant theft to help our clients recover those expenses.

SyNTAX – In many states, pro-business legislation offers incentives for property owners to received reduced or exempt sales tax on utility payments. Through SyNTAX, Conservice performs comprehensive sales tax audits on utility expenses across your portfolio.
OPTIMyZE– Conservice negotiates reduced energy rates for our clients in deregulated markets. Additionally, Conservice provide a whole building approach to solving high energy bills, discomfort issues, and indoor air quality problems found in buildings. The Conservice analysis allows you to make an informed decision about technology upgrades and sustainability measures.

CONSERVICE ENERGY - Conservice is a retail electric provider in Texas. We also offer a power program that allows apartment communities in Texas to offer residents discounted electricity service. 

CONTROL– Built to help multifamily owners stay on top of their ancillary programs, CONTROL provides robust web reporting and expert support through contract management, and vendor management, and revenue management.

CONFIRM – The team at Conservice can perform in-depth utility analysis on residential communities that clients are looking to acquire. Conservice provides due diligence on all utility-related costs, usage, and equipment at the site.

RESIDENT TOOLS - Streamline rent payments with ResidentTools, an online payment portal that accepts rent and utility payments and automatically posts them to your property management software.

This blog is managed by the Conservice team, with contributions from all departments and positions within the company. 

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