Friday, October 24, 2014

San Diego Mandatory Water Use Restrictions Announced

Effective November 1, 2014

The City of San Diego has announced new mandatory water use restrictions that will begin on November 1, 2014. This is in response to the drought that continues to effect the state of California.
A few of the restrictions are outlined below. For the full list, please visit the City of San Diego website.

Water only on your assigned day of the week.

  • Residences with odd-numbered addresses water ONLY on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Residences with even-numbered addresses water ONLY on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.

Water at the right time.

  • November 1 through May 31: Water between 4 PM - 10 AM for only 7 minutes at a time when using a standard sprinkler system.
  • June 1 through October 31: Water between 6 PM - 10 AM for only 10 minutes at a time when using a standard sprinkler system.
The Utility Experts at Conservice are dedicated to helping you conserve water and comply with water use regulations set forth by your local water provider.
Contact your Conservice account representative to learn more.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Conservice Payment Resolution Team

Written by Russell Butler and Heather Mickelson

One of the best things about having a Super Bowl-winning team, is the bragging rights that come along with it. By choosing Conservice, you've gained bragging rights by choosing to partner with The Utility Experts®.

Conservice is the nation’s largest utility management and billing company with just over 1.4 million units. We offer a suite of solutions to help you better manage your utilities. One of these solutions is SyNERGY. 

SyNERGY receives utility provider bills on behalf of our clients. The bills go through several quality control checks to ensure the information is accurate. After each bill has been audited, Conservice will request funds from the client to pay the provider bill. There are multiple teams on SyNERGY that make this process successful, including the Payment Resolutions team.

The Payment Resolutions team researches late fees, deposits, balances, and credits that appear on provider bills. Each of the issues is resolved by one of our utility experts to ensure the amount paid by our clients is correct. In May 2014, the team exceeded expectations and resolved all provider bill issues within three days of notification. By doing so, we ensure that the amounts our clients were paying were correct and they weren’t paying any extra fees. 

We value the opinions of our clients and often ask for feedback on how we could better our service. Over the past year, our Payment Resolution team has received very positive feedback. Clients are happy with the results provided and trust Conservice to get the job done. 

Like the winning Super Bowl team, Conservice works hard each day to reach both our goals, and the goals of our clients. We like helping our clients feel like they have something to brag about.