Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 6 Ways SyNERGY Manages Your Utilities

by Colin Geslin

Why are we the utility experts? There are a lot of reasons, but understanding the top six ways we manage our clients' utility expenses through SyNERGY may give you a better idea.

Accurate Setup of all Accounts into our System

Before a community goes live on the SyNERGY program, the Conservice setup team gathers every common area and vacant account from the community and enters it into the Conservice system. The team contacts the community and gets all the relevant information needed to begin processing the bills.

Advanced Utility Processing

An expert group with an accuracy rating of over 99% processes each bill. This group separates charges and adjustments, and makes phone calls on odd charges to help maintain accuracy. This is all done on a daily basis to keep all of the client’s bills up-to-date and accurate within the Conservice system.

Vigilant Auditing

After bills are processed, a highly trained team looks into each and every variance generated to confirm accuracy. This team will also contact utility providers and clients to sort out any problems or variances that occur with charges, usage, or other billing adjustments.

Precise Funding

Conservice guarantees on time and precise payments. The funding team handles every aspect of the payment process. The team quickly requests funds from clients and then accurately applies the payments to thousands of different accounts, all to avoid late fees or disconnect notices.

Payment Resolution

When a late fee or disconnect is applied to an account, a team of highly detailed individuals investigates the charge. This team will look into any deposit requirements and late fee policies, and do back research to determine where the fee came from and how it originated. The team will also look at balances carried forward from previous bills to make sure that the correct payments are being made.

SyNERGY Managers and Customer Service

Conservice prides themselves on providing exceptional customer service. The SyNERGY Managers meet that need for our SyNERGY clients. Once a community has begun the SyNERGY process, the managers are available for every concern a community manager may have, from looking into usage or variances, to answering questions about the SyNERGY process. They remain a first point of contact for the communities.

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