Friday, November 8, 2013

Leave Utility Management to the Experts

by Tracy Welker

Managing a property can be hard work! That is why Conservice is here to help.

Property Managers Have Enough on Their Plates

Property managers and management companies have a lot on their plates, from signing new leases to helping their residents.  Oftentimes it can be difficult to also find time for the smaller but equally important details.  The SyNERGY department at Conservice is here to help alleviate that stress. By allowing Conservice to manage an apartment community’s utilities, property owners can save time, energy, and money.

Outsourced Invoice Processing Saves Time

Property owners receive a lot of bills and invoices, especially for utilities, and this can be overwhelming.  SyNERGY clients enjoy the time-saving benefits of having Conservice process their utility bills. The SyNERGY team handles the whole process from receipt to payment, and audits each utility bill for anomalies and inconsistencies.  Instead of spending hours logging bill data into spreadsheets to gather information for budgeting, bill auditing, and expense analysis, property managers can focus on their core competencies.

With Conservice, Outsourced Invoice Processing Saves Money

As an added bonus, the team at Conservice detects and resolves errors on utility provider’s bills, saving clients thousands of dollars. By using state-of-the-art software that is designed in-house to scientifically monitor the fluctuations of bills, many bill errors are detected.  After an anomaly or inconsistency is found, the audit team works tirelessly with the utility provider to resolve the issue and get the client’s money back in their pockets.

Utility Theft is Problem

Another issue property managers have to deal with, sadly, is utility theft. This oftentimes occurs when a resident fails to take responsibility for the utility service they are required to pay according to the terms in their lease.  When a resident fails to establish utility service, even for a few days, the utility provider sends the bill to the apartment community or management company. 

With Conservice, Detect and Recover Utility Theft

SyNERGY helps clients retain the money they could be losing through utility theft by auditing any bills received for units or spaces that are resident-occupied. When a bill for an occupied apartment is found, SyNERGY will bill that total back to the resident, as well as a service fee based on the terms of the resident’s contract. 

Solutions That Work For You

The team at Conservice takes pride in being accurate and tailoring each service to meet each individual client’s specific and unique needs. With numerous quality-check points throughout the Conservice processes, timeliness and accuracy is guaranteed.

To begin saving time, money, and frustration, contact Conservice and learn about the SyNERGY utility management program. Email today!

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