Thursday, November 21, 2013

Conservice Saves Client $158,000

With the holiday season approaching, many consumers are hoping to save money and find a good bargain. In fact, many get a thrill out of finding the best price on each item on their shopping list. From couponing and searching Black Friday ads to scouring the web for sales, shoppers feel a sense of great satisfaction when they find an amazing deal on an item they really need or want.

At Conservice, we also love saving money. Specifically, we love finding new savings for our clients, whether it be through utility billing, invoice and rate auditing, or sustainability recommendations. Our audit team gets especially excited when they detect a provider error or billing anomaly that results in significant savings for one of our clients.  The team was thrilled when they detected a provider error at a Campus Apartments community last month and were able to secure a large credit on the community's account after working with the utility provider.

Peter Arbes of Campus Apartments was thrilled, too. "Conservice continues to invest their time in our partnership!  Recently, Conservice identified a provider error affecting one of our student housing properties. Their team worked diligently with the utility provider until the error was corrected and the money was credited to our account. Because of their attention-to-detail and hard work, we are receiving a $158,000 credit, in addition to lower bills going forward. It gives me peace of mind knowing our utility management partner cares about us and goes above and beyond to save us money." he said, when asked about the finding.

We're pretty lucky at Conservice - we find thrilling savings for our clients all the time. And we don't even have to go Black Friday shopping.

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