Thursday, September 5, 2013

Conservice Cares

by Colin Geslin

What is it?

Conservice cares is a program created at Conservice designed to help out the local Cache Valley Community. The program was designed to not only motivate employees to give back to a vibrant, growing community, but as a chance for the company as a whole to do the same.

Who does it?

Once a month, employees are given the opportunity to leave work and volunteer at various locations throughout the community. Some of these locations can include: Deseret Industries, The Cache Humane Society, various schools, or a roadside cleanup.

When does it happen?

All the time.  Any given day of any given week Conservice can have several employees out on Conservice Cares projects helping out the community. 

Where does it happen?

Conservice Cares takes place mainly surrounding the Conservice headquarters in Logan, UT. Cache Valley is an amazing community. It possesses the small town feel while still continually growing and Conservice has realized that. Conservice now strives to give back to the community that has allowed it as a small business to grow and expand into a premium provider of billing and utility management services for the multifamily industry.

How does it happen?

The process is fairly simple. Employees pick an approved activity, often times with other employees, and travel to the site to help out in any way needed. Conservice Cares is a great way that Conservice is giving back to the community around it.

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