Friday, September 20, 2013

REO - One of the Newest Departments at Conservice

Matt Vance, REO Utilities Manager

What exactly does REO stand for? Maybe: Realistic Elephant Opera?  That would be a sight to see!  The REO department at Conservice does not actually have anything to do with elephants, nor an opera.  However, we believe what the REO team does is equally impressive.

REO stands for Real Estate Owned.  An REO property is any property owned by a bank or government agency.  Most REO properties are purchased by these agencies through foreclosures and public auctions.
A lot of these homes have been abandoned and can become an eye sore in the neighborhood.  Un-kept yards, peeling paint, and damaged structures often identify an REO home.  Conservice plays a critical role in repairing and preparing these REO properties to be re-sold or rented and add value to the community.

Once a property is purchased by a bank or other financial firm, address information is sent to our office through a sophisticated internal computer program.  From there, trained Conservice representatives contact the respective utility providers for each vacant property.  Utilities are activated to provide electricity, water, and gas to allow contractors to perform repairs.  Having active utilities at these empty homes also enables individual Real Estate Agents to show the properties to potential buyers.

Sounds simple?  Yes, what we do can make your life easier.  However, there is a lot more that goes into our program than meets the eye.  In the month of August, 2013 we activated utilities at over ten thousand homes across the country.  Required documentation to start services can vary from provider to provider and state to state.  Each of those homes has several utility providers which all send us usage bills.  Some providers bill monthly, while others bill bi-monthly. 
We track all of this information and pay all REO utility bills on time in behalf of our clients.

In the last year the REO department at Conservice has grown significantly.  In the next couple months we will continue to grow and more than double the amount of homes we currently manage.  We believe our unique ability to manage thousands of accounts and bills for the agencies buying these homes is improving neighborhoods across the country.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

California's SB 750 Being Held Over

A California proposed water conservation bill, SB 750, would have mandated water metering in all newly constructed multifamily units in the state. The bill will not move forward in this legislative session as it did not pass the Senate Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee in August. It has been held over as a two year bill, and all parties will continue to work on resolving issues to move the bill along next year.

Conservice will continue to work on the bill with its authors. Check back for updates as they are available.

You can learn more about SB 750 on the California legislature's website.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Press Release: Conservice Recognized Locally and Nationally for Growth

Logan, UT | September 10, 2013 – Conservice has received recognition from two major magazines during the month of August for their continued company growth. Nationally Conservice was recognized by Inc. Magazine for being one of the fastest growing companies in the country, while locally, Utah Business Magazine placed Conservice on their “Fast 50,” a list of the fastest growing companies in the state. Conservice is a utility management and billing company based in Logan, UT that provides services to thousands of apartment communities, military neighborhoods, HOAs, student housing communities, and commercial spaces nationwide.

Inc. Magazine examines the growth of the private business market each year and identifies the 5,000 fastest growing companies based on revenue growth from the previous three years. This year, Conservice ranked number 3,058 with a three-year sales growth of 109% and 309 added jobs during the same three-year period.

Conservice has now been on the Inc. 5000 list for six years in a row and is continuing to grow. The National Center for the Middle Market describes companies such as those on the Inc. 5000 as "model links" in corporate supply chains. In a period of uncertainty and frequent shocks, their ability to deliver improves corporate customers' resiliency. These businesses make and keep American companies competitive.

On the local level, Utah Business Magazine selects the Fast 50, based on both a combination of revenue growth and total revenue. This year Conservice was the 29th fastest growing company in the state, an honor Conservice and their CEO Dave Jenkins, a winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the state of Utah, are familiar with. The company has received recognition from Utah Business Magazine on the Fast 50 list a total of five times with placement in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, and now 2013.

About Conservice

Conservice is one of the largest utility management and billing companies in the United States. The company provides solutions that are designed specifically for the multifamily industry and developed on an industry-friendly platform. These solutions include the installation of sub-meters, billing residents for their utility consumption and other monthly charges, processing clients’ utility invoices, and providing detailed utility information on a dynamic, online platform. Additionally, Conservice provides energy and sustainability solutions and offers a contract management program.

Conservice focuses on meeting the specific needs of their clients by offering fully integrated solutions that greatly reduce operating costs and promote conservation, while maintaining an unmatched level of customer service to both the customer and the resident. The company’s commitment to quality and customer service has helped Conservice grow drastically over the past six years.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Conservice Cares

by Colin Geslin

What is it?

Conservice cares is a program created at Conservice designed to help out the local Cache Valley Community. The program was designed to not only motivate employees to give back to a vibrant, growing community, but as a chance for the company as a whole to do the same.

Who does it?

Once a month, employees are given the opportunity to leave work and volunteer at various locations throughout the community. Some of these locations can include: Deseret Industries, The Cache Humane Society, various schools, or a roadside cleanup.

When does it happen?

All the time.  Any given day of any given week Conservice can have several employees out on Conservice Cares projects helping out the community. 

Where does it happen?

Conservice Cares takes place mainly surrounding the Conservice headquarters in Logan, UT. Cache Valley is an amazing community. It possesses the small town feel while still continually growing and Conservice has realized that. Conservice now strives to give back to the community that has allowed it as a small business to grow and expand into a premium provider of billing and utility management services for the multifamily industry.

How does it happen?

The process is fairly simple. Employees pick an approved activity, often times with other employees, and travel to the site to help out in any way needed. Conservice Cares is a great way that Conservice is giving back to the community around it.