Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NAA 2013: Network. Educate. Learn. Have Fun.

NAA is always an exciting event for vendors and multifamily professionals. This year at Conservice, we made the event about networking, educating, learning, and having fun.

With so many vendors and multifamily professionals in the same room, NAA provides participants with the perfect opportunity to network. On NAA's website, they ask, "What is the most important reason to attend a conference?" It's no surprise that the answer to that question, they state, is "to connect with new people and build your network." This year, networking was a major part of the conference. Cary Brzezinski, VP of Student Living at Conservice, described NAA as "very positive" with "a lot of client participation and involvement."

This year, Conservice brought more team members to NAA than ever before, giving more attendees the opportunity to get to know the company, meet face-to-face with the team, and spend more time interacting at our booth. We also participated in a pre-show party at the House of Blues with other vendors and professionals in the multifamily industry, getting to know one another before the show.

Each year, vendors spend countless hours determining how they are going to educate NAA attendees about their product or service. This year, we super-sized our booth, displayed videos, and provided brochures to teach attendees about Conservice. We truly believe we are the utility experts, and we wanted to portray that message by showcasing our full-service suite of solutions and sharing client testimonials with others. Check out one of our client testimonial videos here.

Cary Brzezinski felt like attendees who visited the Conservice booth did learn that we are the experts. Erica Martin, a first time NAA attendee and Conservice senior team lead in the billing department, said she believes attendees learned "about the different services we offer, as well as our level of customer service."

Vendors can't just focus on themselves at NAA. It's crucial to learn as much about the industry, your clients, prospective clients, and even other vendors as you can. Erica Martin had a humbling experience at NAA, realizing that "our clients have so many different vendors they work with on a daily basis. We are just a small portion of their daily tasks. It reminded me that we need to be patient."

At Conservice, we realize we can learn so much from those we network with at NAA. Everyone has important feedback, ideas, and suggestions that help our company grow. We wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't learn from our clients and our team members.

Have Fun
We love NAA because it's not just "all business, no fun." Instead, the attitude is positive and exciting, and there are opportunities for fun around every corner. After all, networking is far more effective and enjoyable when you're surrounded by people having a good time. We had an especially good time this year enjoying everyone's company while also getting out to see beautiful San Diego.