Friday, May 3, 2013

Conservice: Our Values

Last month I came across an article that talked about the importance of letting your customers know and understand your company’s social values. We do incorporate our company values in our sales presentations, website, and in a lot of our marketing material, but this article served as a good reminder of communicating these values.

What I learned when I first started working at Conservice
The training team at Conservice does a great job of preparing team members for their positions within the company. They are sure to teach new employees the company values from day one. It might be cheesy, but they taught my training group an acronym to remember the company’s core business tenets: ACNE.

A = Accountability
Everyone at Conservice takes responsibility for their work. I learned this quickly when I found out about “conformance.” Each department has standards or goals that need to be met each month – if a team member falls below those standards, he or she takes responsibility by admitting mistakes and creating a plan to prevent any errors from happening again.

C= Continuous Improvement
At Conservice, everyone is encouraged to share their new ideas. I knew that leadership valued my ideas, too, because even as a new employee, when I would share an idea that truly added value to the company or the team, that idea would get implemented. Our internal database and software would not be where it is today without the ideas shared by team members. The company is constantly evolving, and that’s because team members aren’t afraid to share their ideas – and because employees are willing to improve themselves, as well. Goal setting, opportunities for advancement, and incentive programs help team members find new ways to improve their own work and skills.

N = No Surprises
I quickly learned that Conservice does not believe the phrase, “no news is good news.” Instead, it’s pertinent that team members share mistakes and problems. The sooner a mistake or problem is detected, the faster it can get resolved. Sharing good news is also strongly encouraged – in fact, a monthly email is distributed featuring good news that team members have shared about one another.

E = Exceeds Expectations
At Conservice, team members go above and beyond for one another. When I was put on my first team at Conservice, I saw how willing my team members were to help me learn the ropes and be a successful employee. They truly exceeded my expectations. This motivated me, and I soon started helping out my team as much as I could as well. Going above and beyond doesn’t stop within company walls. Exceeding the expectations of our customers is also crucial, and is seen everyday.

Instilling Company Values at Conservice
Having a set of values on paper is one thing. Getting employees to live by them is another story. There are a number of ways that Conservice has created a culture based on the company’s four main business tenets.

Initial Training
As I mentioned, I quickly learned the Conservice tenets. The first employee training quiz I took asked me to name and describe each of the tenets. Thanks to a helpful acronym, I was able to remember all four. After even a month of employment, though, I didn’t need an acronym to remind me of the company values.

Team Emphasis
Each week on my team, my supervisor had the team review a company tenet. With only four tenets, it might be easy for this to get old – but it never did. When I became a supervisor, I carried on this tradition in my own team meetings, asking a different team member to present a company tenet of his or her choosing at each meeting. The open communication about our company values brought on new ideas and everyone learned something from this exercise.

Leadership Training
Leaders at Conservice are nominated and invited to complete a 12-week course on leadership. A different course is held each week, ranging from “Management Responsibilities and Policies” to “Project Management and Continuous Improvement.” Each class offers tips and tools to empower the company’s leaders. The Conservice values are deeply rooted in each course.

Incentives and Reviews
Employee reviews are based largely on how well an employee applied the Conservice tenets to his or her work. Additionally, team incentives, such as lunches and redeemable award points, are awarded to team members who meet certain standards over a given period of time. These standards are also very closely based on the Conservice values.

Leadership by Example
Leaders within all levels of the organization have instilled these company values in each employee. By applying these values to our work, we’ve been able to grow into such an awesome and successful company.

Conservice Cares
Our company culture is also deeply rooted in the idea of service. Team members can take paid time off each month to give service throughout the community. The company itself is a sponsor of many community programs. Food drives and blood drives are held each year, and employees get really excited to donate to these events. 

Working at Conservice is a great experience. Is the company culture where you work awesome? We'd love to hear from you.

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