Friday, May 31, 2013

Some Things are Better Left to the Experts

by Michelle James

Sometimes getting in touch with a large service provider can be difficult. Often, the caller has to navigate a complicated phone menu, and it can be difficult getting in touch with the right person to understand your issue. We understand this at Conservice because many of our team members spend hours a day on the phone with utility providers across the country, solving problems and answering questions for our clients. We realize that our clients are busy – and we know their focus is on property management, certainly not utilities.

Here are just a few things we do at Conservice so that our clients can rest easy and leave utilities to the experts:

We know how to contact a provider
Working with providers as frequently as we do, we are able to find the best ways to contact a provider. We know when it’s better to fax or e-mail a request, or when it’s better just to call. We also have the opportunity to form relationships with providers. 

We’ll wait through long hold times (so you don't have to)
Calling providers can be time consuming. Sometimes hold times are incredibly long. Most providers have shorter hold times earlier in the morning or in the middle of the week, and because we make so many calls, we know the best time to call.

We make a complicated process simple
Conservice employees also work to make the most of programs utility providers have available, such as landlord agreements. A landlord agreement will allow service to automatically revert back into the property’s name when a resident calls to take service out of their name. These programs save a lot of time and keep the property running smoothly, but often take a long time to set up, including filling out paperwork, sending  the forms in (sometimes multiple times), and calling to ensure that the agreement is in place. Property managers can rely on Conservice to take care of this, ensuring all the details are in place to make the program work.

We will follow through to resolution
Sometimes calling into a utility provider can be frustrating – after speaking to multiple representatives and getting contradicting answers, it’s easy to just give up. Fortunately the team at Conservice is familiar with situations like this and knows how to get the answers needed – we won’t give up until the problem is solved.

We learn through experience
The experience we have at Conservice communicating with utility providers allows us to get answers much more quickly. Additionally, when we have bad experiences with utility providers, it just makes us even more dedicated to providing a positive experience to our clients when they call us for questions.

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