Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Transcending the Cubicle

When I first walked into the Conservice billing department, I was struck by a very obvious difference between Conservice and a traditional office layout: There were no cubicles. Teams were set up with their desks facing each other, and team members were openly interacting without having to peek over or around a divider. There were no barriers.

During my time at Conservice, I have realized that the openness and lack of confining barriers applies to much more than just the way the desks are laid out. The entire Conservice culture is one that embraces openness and rejects unnecessary barriers.

CEO Dave Jenkins on Halloween 2012. Everyone always
eagerly anticipates his costume choice each year.
With most companies, if an employee wants to meet with a department head, that employee would have to contact a secretary or assistant and schedule an appointment. At Conservice, there are no assistants. If I want to meet or speak with someone, I can send them an email, an instant message, or a calendar invite. Our CEO, Dave Jenkins has made himself accessible to employees. Every pay day, he personally hands out paychecks and stubs to each and every employee. Dave also participates in office activities such as dressing up for Halloween and serving the community as part of the ConserviceCares program. Even when I worked in an entry-level position, Dave has always greeted me by name in passing and has even stopped to chat. Each person who works here is valued and respected, regardless of position.

Another way that Conservice culture allows its employees to transcend the cubicle is by giving them a voice. Employees are encouraged to make suggestions and ask questions without fear of being ignored, dismissed, or belittled. Management takes into consideration suggestions on how to improve not only our clients’ experience, but also our employees’ experience.

You may have heard that Conservice puts people first. What you may not realize is that we are not just talking about customers. “Internal customer service” is just as important to our company as external. Conservice fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, innovation, and creativity. We transcend the cubicle.

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