Friday, March 15, 2013

One Size Fits All?

Because I am in the marketing department at Conservice, I try to stay up to date not only on what is happening in the multifamily industry, but also what is going on in the marketing world. I ventured over to this week and came across an article, “The New Rules for Marketing.” Of course the headline caught my eye and I had to see if Conservice was following these “new rules.”

I am happy to report that Conservice lives and breathes by these “New Rules for Marketing,” or at least how I interpreted them. The article explained that marketing used to be all about creating a product that has a broad appeal to a large audience. According to the author, this approach no longer works, or at least it is a lot less successful than it used to be. Instead, the author suggests that companies should target a specific consumer group, gain their trust, and let that group define the company’s brand and future offerings.

Conservice does this in so many ways. When Conservice was founded in 2000, we only offered utility billing and we targeted the multifamily industry. Now we offer a full suite of utility management solutions, and we not only serve the multifamily industry, but we also provide solutions for student housing, HOAs, commercial buildings, military housing, single family, and more.  We've been able to expand and grow so successfully because we don’t offer a “one-size fits all” solution, but instead cater our services to match the needs of each of our clients. Many of our service offerings have been created and improved because we've listened to suggestions from clients.

The “New Rules for Marketing” make sense to me. It’s important to build a trusting relationship with a niche group of customers first, and then let that relationship help your company grow, because those customers will become your advocates. I've definitely seen it work for Conservice. 

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