Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making Conservation Fun

"When you conserve water you conserve life." It's a common water-saving slogan, but it's also a great
principle to start teaching kids at an early age. Teaching the next generation water conservation is vital, and with a little creativity it can be enjoyable as well. Follow some of these tips to get the whole family involved in the water conservation fun!

Shower timer: Keeping showers less than five minutes only uses 12-20 gallons of water. Installing a shower timer can help kids (and parents) keep to the time limit and reinforce the importance of conserving water. To make this fun, have a contest to see who can take the fastest shower, or challenge the family to keep their showers under five minutes for an entire week. 

Turn off the tap: Turning off the tap while the family is washing their face or brushing teeth can save up to four gallons of water a minute. A great way to remind kids of this is to put a fun reminder note on the mirror to help them remember to turn off the tap during these activities.  Another idea is to post a checklist next to the mirror so kids can check off if they remembered to turn off the tap for that day. At the end of the week or month the check marks can be added up and rewarded with a small prize or special privilege.

Teach the family about leaks: Educate family members on the importance of ensuring the faucet and toilet are not leaky. You can even demonstrate the food-coloring technique: take 12 drops of food coloring and place in your toilet tank. After an hour, if the food coloring has seeped into your bowl, you likely have a leak.

Family compost project: If you have a vegetable garden or flower beds a great way to encourage growth in the garden is to start a compost project. Instead of running the garbage disposal (and running water) to get rid of excess scraps of food, start a compost pile. This can be an activity the kids can join in as well, helping to identify things that can be put in the compost container. Make it fun and let the kids decorate the ceramic compost container with paint or chalk.

These are just a few simple tips that can help to make water conservation fun for the entire family. Getting the kids involved so they feel like they are an important part of conserving natural resources is a great way to get them inspired about water conservation! 

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