Monday, February 11, 2013

Press Release: Iluminar Energy is a Top REP in Texas According to Public Utility Commission’s Complaint Scorecard

Logan, UT – February 11, 2013 - Iluminar Energy, a Retail Electric Provider in Texas owned and managed by Conservice Utility Management and Billing, continues to provide superior customer satisfaction to its customers. A recent report from the Public Utility Commission ranked Iluminar among the top Retail Electric Providers in Texas according to their Complaint Scorecard.
The Complaint Scorecard, which can be viewed here, provides consumers with a ranking of 46 Retail Electric Providers in terms of customer satisfaction.  Retail Electric Providers with over 2,500 residential customers were eligible to be on the list and were given a score based on the last six months of complaint data. The score was based on each Retail Electric Provider’s total number of complaints divided by their total number of customers. This ratio was then compared to the entire market.  All 46 REPs were given a score between 1 (Lowest Complaint Rate) and 5 (Highest Complaint Rate) to help determine the overall rankings.
Iluminar earned a score of 1, which helped the company land in third place on the overall list. This means Iluminar’s complaint rate was lower than 43 out of 46 REPs in Texas.  Conservice and Iluminar Energy strive to provide superior customer service to their customers, and will continue providing support and resolving consumer concerns to stay at the top of this important list. 

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