Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Have Yourself an Eco-Friendly Christmas

At Conservice, we love finding new ways to "go green." Here are a few great ideas green ideas for your home this holiday season.


  • Decorate your home with natural décor. Adding fruit, nuts, pine cones and potpourri sachets from dried flowers to centerpieces, mantle places or wall decorations can bring in lively color and add a unique flair to your decorations. Simple ornaments and garlands can be made with popcorn, pine cones, peppermint and cinnamon sticks and can also be a fun family project during this holiday season! 
  • Recycle your live Christmas tree. Many people find a live Christmas tree to be an integral part of their holiday celebrations. Be sure to recycle your tree after the holidays. Find your local recycling yard where the tree can be recycled for wood chips and mulch for landscaping purposes.  Some cities even have a plant clippings pickup for your home provided with the local trash services.
  • Create a crafty Christmas. Get creative this holiday season and pull out your glue gun, knickknacks, sleigh bells from decorations of Christmas pasts, old belts, neckties, shirts, yarn and even seashells to create your own Christmas decorations for your home. Using this method, you can create some beautiful wreaths, garlands, and ornaments. 

Gift Giving: 

  • Eco-friendly Christmas cards. Do you give away cards every year? Check to see if your cards are printed on recycled paper. If you want to keep costs low but still send out cards to family and friends, e-cards are another great way to keep them informed! E-cards are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to send holiday greetings!
  • The gift that keeps on giving. Giving seeds or small trees to be planted in the ground is a wonderful gift that will continue to grow and give for many holiday seasons to come. Planters can be bought at inexpensive prices, as can seeds, to start the plant for your loved one before the day. If you want a minimalist approach to gift giving this year, many stores also have plant kits that are prepackaged for holiday gift giving so that your loved one can inspire their own green thumb!
  • Crafty Christmas gift ideas. Similar to creating your own home décor, many wonderful Christmas gifts can be created from household items or natural products. There are many wonderful ideas that can be found on websites like Pinterest, but using your imagination is also part of the fun! 
    • Cuff bracelets can be made from recycled belts, macramé jewelry can be made using waxed linen fiber, (which is eco-friendly), or you can even use colorful junk mail to create rolled paper beads for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 
    • Reusable earth friendly tote bags are also great gifts to give! These can be created from anything, old felt or leather scraps, or yarn for those who like to knit or crochet and your loved ones can use this gift over and over with each trip to the grocery store or farmers market.
    • Instead of using petroleum based wax products to make candles, beautiful and organic candles can be made using natural beeswax this season. These candles look and smell wonderful and who wouldn’t want an organic homemade candle as a gift this year?

Hopefully these tips will help spark your imagination and give you many ideas for an eco-friendly holiday season.


  1. We give away Eco-friendly Christmas cards too! Instead of buying recycled paper, we recycle our own paper at home. My sister knows how, and we do it every time we give birthday or Christmas cards. A little design makes them look lovely and presentable. I've also tried to give a little plant to a nature-lover friend. Good to know it's considered a "wonderful gift" too!
    All the info above are very helpful, thank you. - Mitch HC

  2. I have lots of e-cards but most of it contains birthday greetings only. I will try to make some Christmas cards soon.

    -Kayla Reddall