Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ENERGyZE: Innovation for the Ages - Utility Management through Ownership of a Utility Company

Across the country, there has been a trend towards opening up utility markets through deregulation to allow private companies to market and sell utilities in those regions.  The most common utility marketed is electricity and the biggest market for deregulated electricity is in Texas.


As Conservice grew, we began to see opportunities to improve our ability to serve by either starting or buying a utility company in deregulated areas.  In 2011, Conservice purchased a retail electric provider in Texas, Iluminar Energy, with the intent of providing utility services unavailable with any other provider.

The key new service developed by Conservice is ENERGyZE, a patent pending process which mixes utility billing, management, and electric sales.  The concept is simple: Let the apartment community negotiate a bundled rate at a competitive rate, allow residents to opt to use that competitive rate, and reduce the expense paid toward meter fees, move-in fees, and the hassle of dealing with the retail electric market.


The greatest benefits to the resident are the convenience factors, which specifically include:

An electric provider that is already vetted by the community
Sign up for service that happens when signing the lease
All Conservice charges on a single bill
No additional credit check
No need to call to setup service


Benefits to the owners and managers of apartment communities include:

Conservice staff dedicated to provide real-time solutions to any issue
Reduced utility expense
Service customized to multi-family dwellings

One community manager also found it is a major selling point to bring residents into her community.  She said, “I love being able to present this to potential residents. Sometimes electricity takes a while to set up and I love seeing the relief residents have when I tell them that we can take care of it.”

In its first year, numerous communities, owners, and residents benefited from the ease and convenience of the ENERGyZE program.  At Conservice, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the newest and most innovative product offerings available in our industry and ENERGyZE is just one of the latest examples of that innovation.  

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