Monday, November 26, 2012

Introducing Vendor Management, New Tool Within CONTROL Solution

For over three years, property owners across the United States have been adding CONTROL to their Conservice Utility Management package. CONTROL was designed to help property owners manage their contracts and monitor their ancillary programs such as utilities, cable, laundry, landscaping, etc. Clients have been asking for an expansion of services, and we’ve been listening. Now CONTROL extends beyond contract management to vendor credentialing, providing even more tools to help management companies stay in control of their ancillary and utility services.

vendor credentialing by control

With Vendor Management, Conservice manages vendors’ Certificates of Insurance, including general liability insurance and workers comp insurance, to ensure vendors are compliant with each community’s standard of business.  Certificate expiration dates are tracked and monitored to ensure compliance at all times. Conservice ensures background checks are being done by the vendor on its employees. Properties can have confidence any vendor that comes on site has completed a background check and is qualified to perform the work necessary to get the job done.  Coverage and contract language is also verified to ensure it meets our client’s compliance standards.

Crucial vendor information is available to our Vendor Management clients on our secure website, providing them with up-to-date information about their vendors. OFAC background check documentation, W-9 certificates, and other certificates of insurance are stored online for easy view as needed by clients.

Verifying a vendor’s performance abilities and overall background is becoming increasingly important. “With our Vendor Management solution, clients benefit because they can be sure they are selecting vendors that are trustworthy and reliable,” said Mike Heap, Director of Control. “Vendors love the program because we work with them directly instead of forcing them to work through a complicated web portal, which saves them time and frustration. This solution is a win-win for our clients and their vendors, and we expect to see a number of management companies and property owners adding this service in the near future.”

For more information about Vendor Management, please contact Mike Heap at 435-713-2156 or

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