Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Does Your Utility Partner Proactively Bring Resolutions to You?

At Conservice, we've been resolving utility billing issues for our clients since we began our SyNERGY Utility Management program over five years ago. Our SyNERGY Audit team of 25 employees diligently identifies and resolves provider errors and billing anomalies. The team works closely with the utility provider until there is a resolution, which often results in a refund from the provider for our clients. Just in the last month, the team successfully procured over $200,000 in refunds.

The SyNERGY Audit team recently uncovered an issue for a client that resulted in a $175,000 refund for the management company. In the past, the management company believed the local utility provider was over-billing four of their Louisiana communities because the water consumption on their bills was much larger than their other communities of a similar size. The utility provider was never able to solve the problem.

Now that the management company is a SyNERGY partner, SyNERGY Audit looked into the issue. After several discussions with the utility company, our team was able to solve the problem. The dial on the meters was a different sweep than the unit of measurement in the utility company’s computer system, which resulted in overcharging the communities each month. After the SyNERGY Audit team spoke with the financial director at the utility company, they agreed to issue refunds to the management company. Checks for the refund were sent to the management company several days ago.

In Maryland, one of our clients was concerned because they knew the water authority had been estimating their community’s meter reads for years. These inaccurate water charges also resulted in an inaccurate sewer bill, because the sewer charges are based off of the water consumption at the community. Conservice was able to complete an appeal for the community and that will result in a substantial reimbursement. Our SyNERGY Audit team, paired with our regulatory support, is always willing to issue appeals with utility providers on behalf of our clients.

Each month, the SyNERGY Audit team identifies dozens of billing anomalies. Just this month, the team identified a community that was being overbilled $26,000 by the utility provider. The provider issued a credit once Conservice brought the issue to their attention. SyNERGY processed another bill that normally was close to $5,000 each month, but this month totaled over $37,000. Conservice contacted the utility provider, who had incorrectly estimated the meter reads. An adjustment of -$31,000 was made on the account.

The SyNERGY Audit team is skilled at identifying leaks, rate changes, provider bill misprints, inconsistent utility usage, and much more. After quick identification, the team fights for our clients until resolution. The recent examples mentioned are only a small handful of the hundreds of resolutions we’ve made for our clients, and the team at Conservice looks forward to saving our clients even more in the future.

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