Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Press Release: Conservice Expands Energy Star Membership by Joining the Energy Star Commercial & Industrial Buildings Group

As an Energy Star partner, Conservice continuously makes strides towards improving multifamily energy efficiency across the country. The company recently became a member of the Energy Star Commercial and Industrial Buildings Group, which is a select group of Energy Star Partners who work with commercial or industrial buildings.  It is the only group specifically sponsored by the EPA to manage issues with commercial buildings.

As part of this new membership, Conservice will be involved in the EPA’s developments that affect the multifamily industry. Conservice has already helped the EPA with one of its latest projects: developing a score system for multifamily buildings, which will allow apartment communities to earn the coveted Energy Star rating. With their permission, Conservice shared energy data from a number of apartment communities to help in the development of this new scoring system.

Conservice will continue to receive updates from the EPA on all relevant projects and Energy Star programs, and will educate apartment communities on the benefits of such programs. Conservation is becoming increasingly important and many in the multifamily industry are making it a priority. Conservice can help multifamily owners in their sustainability efforts, and as a member of the Energy Star C&I Buildings Group, Conservice can provide our customers and residents the best information and tools to promote smart energy choices.

Energy Star is a program created by the EPA and US Department of Energy and is designed to help people save money while protecting the environment. This is done by promoting energy efficient products and adopting energy efficient practices. Conservice continues to show a commitment to conservation and looks forward to continuing this goal as an EPA Energy Star Partner.


  1. Awesome news! I'm interested to see what comes of this.

  2. It's great to hear from you, Kade! We're excited to see what comes of this as well. This is a great opportunity that will benefit many of our clients.