Monday, September 24, 2012

CONSTRUCT: Sub-metering at Conservice

By Elliot Rich

Metering technologies have made substantial advances. Modern metering systems are more accurate and convenient than ever before. Many current systems transmit their readings electronically via radio waves to a centralized unit. This level of automation within a system allows for accurate daily recordings of meter readings.

In 2010, the CONSTRUCT program was developed by Conservice to provide our sub-metered clients with the most detailed daily meter readings possible.  CONSTRUCT is a web-based platform that allows access to individual meter read history across a community or an entire portfolio of communities.  

A number of features are available on the CONSTRUCT platform, including the ability to:
  • View property totals for consumption daily for the past 30 days
  • Identify vacant consumption
  • Identify meters with error or problem reads
Find detailed information about each individual meter and view past readings.  By selecting a specific unit a manager can review the last 30 days of individual daily meter reads as well as see a quick and easy-to-read chart comparing usage in that apartment to the community averages.  Information can be grouped by high users, zero users, negative meter reads, or vacant units. This allows property managers to easily detect leaks.

Community managers can view repair proposals and any work that Conservice has done on the meters at a community.  Through this community managers can track which units have new meters and schedules for new work to be done.

Community managers can see the meter equipment information for their community.  This provides information on the brand and type of meter installed, meter read system, and phone number that system uses to report daily meter reads.

Online reporting allows the generation of multiple meter read-based reports. Reports can be generated based on daily, weekly, or monthly consumption and can be specifically set to include only high or only low users, or an entire community.  This report can even be set to display consumption based on floor plan or apartment size.  These reports are easily exported to Excel spreadsheet format so that they may be sorted or included in any property specific reporting.

Residents at sub-metered CONSTRUCT communities can view their daily meter reads online via When residents are aware of their usage, they can more easily adjust their habits to conserve.

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