Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can Conservice Improve Cash Flow at Your Community?

At Conservice, we often talk a lot about our customer service focus. But sometimes we get requests to talk specifically about how Conservice can improve cash flow for a property management company. We recenty put together a piece that explains just that. Here are the main points:

When Conservice provides utility billing services for your community… will recover nearly all of your utility expenses as residents are billed for their utility usage. This can increase cash flow by thousands of dollars each month.

When Conservice manages your utility expenses…
 ...payments to the provider can be set up to optimize cash flow. Additionally, you’ll avoid late fees and costly disconnects.

As Conservice detects occupied units consuming utilities under your community’s name…
 ...Conservice will bill those residents for their usage. Additionally, a "vacant service fee" brings additional revenue to the management company, often amounting to hundreds of dollars per month.

When Conservice audits your utility bills for accuracy…
 ...Conservice will detect and resolve utility provider errors, potentially saving your community thousands through refunds and billing corrections. We’ll even audit your sales and use tax to make sure you aren’t over paying on taxes.

With Conservice, we will procure rates for your communities in deregulated markets… you will rest easy knowing that you are getting the best price on energy, reducing your overall utility expense each month.

When Conservice is your partner...
 your leasing staff will save countless hours each month. And remember, time is money.

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