Monday, April 9, 2012

The Conservation Team

At Conservice, we often hear people pronounce our company name "CON-Service," with an emphasis on "con." Sometimes this is done intentionally, but often it's just mispronounced. However, at Conservice we are always sure to emphasize "CONSERV-ice" when we talk about our company. We do this because our company was based on the idea of CONSERVing our natural resources. Our products and services promote conservation and help property owners reduce utility consumption across their communities. We not only want to help property owners improve their conservation measures, but we also strive to be a "green" company.

In 2009, a Conservation Team was formed. A small group of employees began brainstorming ways the company could reduce paper and toner consumption, decrease electricity consumption, travel to work in a "greener" fashion, and help the community.

In the last three years, the company has come a long way. Paper usage has decreased dramatically - from 2008 to 2009 total per-person paper consumption decreased 40%. With several enhancements to our daily processes, there is now little to no need to even use the printer. Electricity usage has gone down due an energy management program that was rolled out to employees. And with our new, energy efficient building, we've dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

Additionally, the Conservation Team has been able to use Conservice Cares (a program that allows employees to take a couple of hours of paid time off each month to do service) to get employees involved in activities that improve the environment. Activities have included tree planting on the USU campus, a number of roadside canyon cleanups (we adopted a stretch of highway up the local canyon), and Logan's Earth Day Downtown, where we educated residents on composting and offered conservation tips. The Conservation Team introduced "Conservation Week" this year, where employees were offered daily conservation tips and quizzed on their daily activities to determine which employee was the most "green." Prizes were awarded to our top three winners.
Planting trees on campus at USU
With company growth, we were excited to add a couple new team members to the Conservation Team this month, included an Environmental Engineering major who is currently attending USU. The new additions to the team will help organize another tree planting event, assist in Earth Day Downtown this year, and help write articles for the monthly Conservation Corner, an internal conservation newsletter.

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