Monday, March 19, 2012

Conservice Adds Energy Efficient, Second Building to Campus

The entryway to our 2nd building, which just opened
Over the last couple years, Conservice has more than doubled in size. This exciting growth has not only proven reassuring in the midst of an unstable economic climate, but it has also brought forth a lot of exciting new projects and developments for our company.

Anticipating company growth, plans for a new building began last year, and construction broke ground in April 2011. Because Conservice values conservation of our natural resources, we couldn't settle for an ordinary office building. Instead, plans and designs were made to create one of the most energy efficient office buildings in our geographic area.

Our new building, which opened its doors in February to our Synergy and accounting departments, will use only 15 percent of the energy of similar office buildings of the same size in the summer months. That 85 percent energy savings sets precedence in our space for green construction, and features a number of energy efficient practices.

Solar panels on top of the building collect heat from the sun 
Both clean and sustainable, geothermal cooling acts as a cooling source in the building during the summer months. Solar energy is used to help supply hot water to the building, providing another clean source of energy generation.  LED and high efficiency lighting is used throughout the building to provide far more sustainable and long-lasting lighting to the office.  Additionally, the building is positioned in a way that minimizes summertime sun impact, with strategic sunshades that block the heating effects of the sun. High efficiency windows have also been added to areas of the building exposed to direct sunlight.

Conservice continues to focus on green practices and strives to be more eco-friendly. We understand that conservation realizes both environmental and financial benefits that far outweigh the cost of wasteful practices. We don't just talk about conservation, or encourage others to do it, but we strive to lead the way.

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